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Camp '24

Starting June 26th,

Would you sign your child up for the Summer Enrichment Camp?

  1. Download, print and complete the following forms:


 2.  Call 757-857-5513 to schedule your interview for acceptance.   


The OCDC Summer Enrichment Camp will engage your beloved child(ren) with stimulating activities while on their break from school, so that they never stop learning and growing. Through our program, they will benefit from: 

  • Building Life Skills 

  • Growing with their peers

  • Computer Skills Training

  • Cooking and Nutrition Education 

  • Guest Speakers and Mentorship

  • Recreational Activities 

  • Creative Arts and Craft Activities 

  • 2 Field Trips per week = lots of FUN. 


OCDC provides breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack thanks, to our proud partnership with Cover 3 Foundation.

Submit your application for the 2024 summer today.

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